Prospeous Perennial Pacific Planetary Permanence

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Homo Felix

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Welcome navigator,

   The official website of the project proposes a complete and integrated metamorphosis to solve all the world’s problems. Entire libraries will be dedicated to the subject. I begin the immense subject with a few simple preparatory pages for reading the first book. Since the complete path is and must be complex, try in these first pages to prepare yourself to grasp and progressively understand the goals and aims of the entire project. I am convinced that you can get there reasonably effortlessly, especially if you follow this path with patience (you will need a lot of it).
The next page will recall your attention to the current situation. This will be followed by some reflections on related natural outlooks. Alongside these probable scenarios, which are generally not very reassuring, I suggest and encourage you to stimulate the search for any proposal of effective but also feasible alternatives. By following this simple path you will be in the best position to read and appreciate the entire project, which can be downloaded free of charge at the “5PHF Proposal” page.

After reading the entire text, you will be able to understand the content of the following pages: the topics concern collaborations: collaborators, supporters, structure and financing. The last ones include: all posts, press review, contacts and the next implementations. Each page, in addition to the descriptive text, has forms for posts related to the topic and related lists for comments.
On all pages I try to be concise, at least in my original intentions; but the topics covered often get under my skin and I cannot restrain myself. However, after this preliminary presentation, expect increasingly in-depth and engaging treatments of all topics.



Project - Current Situation

     This page activates and focuses your attention on the current global situation. I avoid specific issues. that’s enough. It is sufficient to draw to your attention the general state of affairs of the entire planet, regardless of your opinion.
This site does not deal with the big issues, their causes, effects and possible individual remedies; the web and bookshops are already full of them.

I am sorry, but it is necessary to draw your attention to the issues that are emerging worldwide.
What are the problems concerned? I will limit myself to those that appear most frequently on the front pages of the most quoted newspapers, evenly distributed around the world.
Recession, stagflation and inflation are popular words. Well-motivated socio-economic issues are also highlighted.
Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, some of the major concerns have diminished, but the effects can still be seen. Since 24 February, they have given way to more worrying issues that we had hoped to have forgotten forever.
There has been no talk of atomic bombs for at least thirty years, neither strategic nor tactical. Alternatively, during the same period, there was more and more talk of global warming. Again, this example shows that everything is interconnected, or that no one can claim to be exempt, to be an outsider.

Local problems, which everyone can deal with, should not be overlooked because of this limitation.
These are also present and, unfortunately, although circumscribed, difficult to ignore.
Is it foolish or premature to think that all these important elements are sufficient to predict the ‘perfect storm’? Are we slowly but surely assembling a planetary steamroller?
The term ‘planetary’ is the best, if not the only, way to capture and present the purpose of this site’s proposed solution.

To emphasise this point, I will often refer to the only raft we have, aboard which all existing problems will only get worse as the arrow of time follows its main paths surrounded by cyclical problems reissue. If there are no problems, looking for answers is pointless, superfluous and silly.
But in this case, it’s the exact opposite.

The roots of all problems are intertwined; trying to solve them individually is often a useless waste of time and resources. The only way to solve problems effectively is to first consider and treat them as a whole. If most readers agree to some extent, this page has achieved its objective.
You can always leave your opinions in the posts on this topic. 


Project - Outlook

     You should have updated the global scenario if you followed the presentation. This page, a bit more challenging, concerns future prospects, evaluating existing events and what eventualities are inevitable. What do we expect to do now? Whatever your outlook on the future: optimistic, indifferent, or pessimistic remember that it will influence and include all of us, whether as leading actors, or passive viewers.
Only hard facts were highlighted on the preceding page. But is being forebodingly aware of them enough to reassure most of us? Knowing our potential risks reassures us? This endeavor may seem uninteresting, needless, or even comtroductive to people who want reassuring outcomes. I hope their dreams come realized for the good of humanity. Suppose they don’t? Given current circumstances, no one can show and flaunt certificates of guarantee for future scenarios based on linear developments. However, by inertially retaining existing settings, projections for prospective global circumstances, from whatever source, can be deemed credible only for limited time frames. After a decade, they will become wishful thinking driven by the need to reassure or inspire optimism rather than provide assurance and credibility. Uncertainty trumps certainty in the outlook.. This could justify reducing the forecast period. We could get away with focusing on the short and leaving the cyclical duties to posterity. The most obvious and natural tendency is to continue, more or less conventionally, with all the accumulated and unresolved significant issues.

Is envisioning situations as inertial evolutions of the existing one spontaneous and justified?
This seems like the most apparent and usual option.
How should we draw future scenarios to find other behaviors?
We should anticipate natural events to repeat.
These are merely some of the important difficulties. We should add those of human origin, which are our sole concern, to complete the picture. This expands and complicates forecasting choices without apparent limits.
These are just some of the most important difficulties. To complete the picture, we should add those of human origin. This could complicate and widen the variety of ranges and variations in the formulation of expectations.

These are some of my main opinions, debatable, questionable and even refutable.
I will spare you the full list of problems, historical or local; there are plenty of them in every territory, including your own. 

The arguments you have come across on this page should help and stimulate you to create and configure your own realistic perspective, for any timeframe, inherent in our unique planet.
I recommend that you try this exercise as preparation for the next topic.
This exercise, or assumption of responsibility, is the best preparation for moving on to the next page: possible alternatives. 


Project - Alternatives

     Every organised society, whatever its size, historical period and territorial distribution, has always prepared, arranged or kept at its disposal a variety of intervention plans for each of its possible needs, or opportunities for development, and to ensure an adequate response to the ongoing situation.
Are there such objectives, with the planet as beneficiary? Are they well planned? Are they ready? Who keeps them updated?
Individual nations, to varying degrees, have organised themselves. Everywhere, but all plans serve and are confined to the same nation. Why criticise such a precaution? While it may be reassuring to know that the entire planet has them, it becomes worrying when it becomes apparent that individual national plans cannot be combined or integrated and always put national importance in first place.
Therefore, their sum does not produce the same result on a planetary level.
Collaboration and brotherhood are implemented in all if directed inwards, but often only invoked and desired if directed outwards.
At present, I am not aware of a unified plan with the planet as its recipient. Evolution has not yet reached this stage. The current situation, with varying degrees of concern, represents and carries the burden inherited from the past, which will continue, undisturbed and increased, into the future.
A legacy that our descendants will not be able to reject or refuse. Generation after generation, “ad libitum”. 
About planetary problems, at various levels, we have already dealt with in the previous pages; these are, for now, our own real problems. The problems have, or ask for, solutions. At the moment we only have problems(plenty), and the solutions?(…)

Some can fall into two categories.
The first group considers a more or less conventional continuation of the current reality, driving all critical, chronic and emerging issues. Less risky, repetitive and disappointing results.
There are many reasons for maintaining this attitude.
Widespread popular customs, established legal practices, persistent and even unalterable bureaucratic norms form a united front resistant to vigorous change.
Rubber walls represent all these resistances.
Few innovations survive long enough to become customs, even if they are invoked and well defined.
Small and inspiring changes always come late, when there is no good reason to reject them.
Re-editions of customs contrast with innovative alternatives.
I disagree with these current practices because all they do is postpone or offload problems onto others. I prefer the second solutions group, set on the search for positive course of action.

I have several questions for those who are affected by these problems or who find themselves in these situations:
How long would it take to create an ideal or fully optimised planet for humanity with the current pace, mode and rate of change?
How many times and how many failures?
How much would it cost to solve all the global problems?
Step by step, what is the deadline for the ambitious planetary refinement?

You are responsible if you answer the questions. I am asking you to make predictions, set up feasible and innovative alternatives, forecast implementation timeframes and whatever else you think would be useful for these people.

Until then you can post your thoughts on this page. I hope you will soon be able to vote in the initiative ballot box (coming soon).  My proposal, (this project) will be one of many options.

Meantime, you can now move on to the next, more tricky page, where my problem-solving proposal, Draft 5PHF, already awaits you.


Project - 5PHF Proposal

     Have you created an alternative? Good. This page is about my solution, which I believe can solve everything. What is our dream? If we think big, we can hope that all our current and historical problems, which will haunt us for a long time, will be solved. Is this wish shared? Don’t you agree? No dream, no plan, no ambition means no hopeful result. Since this is an innovative, even disorienting proposal, I think it is appropriate to prepare the ground with some general considerations that are likely to be shared everywhere. If a problem arises, whether individual or associated, it must, sooner or later, be approached. 
If you have read the previous pages, I do not think I am wrong in stating that this is our case. It is not enough to list problems and complain about their permanence. I believe we need to respond positively and quickly with even creative solutions. As contexts mature, bizarre solutions can convert into appropriate and ingenious ones. The whole process is categorised as pioneering. At the end everything gradually changes.  Interventions must be appropriate and energetic from the outset and not just counterproductive.
In order to achieve ambitious results, one must start and continue to design and implement appropriate rather than proportionate positive interventions. Only ‘big’ ideas enhance and guarantee success. History comforts us, reporting consistently more successful results than those attempted on the sly or with partial goals. Even with a high failure rate, the imposition of limited results automatically sanctions a modest and partial outcome. The project must correspond to the size of the entities involved. Therefore, it must be very ambitious in all its parts in order to achieve its objectives. With these premises, I have not found bigger project objectives. What is ambitious? Certainly already the project goals. I used the acronym “5PHF” to group and summarise them. It starts with ‘Prosperous Perennial Peaceful Planetary Permanence’ and ends with ‘Homo Felix’. Who wouldn’t want to live there? I think most readers would agree with that.
If you are part of this group, wherever you live, you demonstrate a genuine and natural “Good Sense” and various levels of accrued responsibility, such as sharing and implementing mutual respect and other endless meritorious qualities. You may be the best supporters or collaborators in the project. There is no need to suggest to others because they would not understand or accept it unless they change their position. Let us respect them, let us not disturb them and let everyone live their normal lives. I now turn to those who are interested in this project. I invite those who are interested or stimulated by the topic to visit the ‘COLLABORATORS’ and ‘SUPPORTERS’ pages.  There you can join the project or support it.
I apologise to those who are largely indifferent or uninvolved in these matters, for disturbing their quiet lives or for discovering and arousing their disinterest in the future of the planet.
The pandemic delayed publication. On 24 February, it postponed the spring date. As the pandemic is slowly subsiding and losing its cyclicality, and the situation in Ukraine does not seem to be unblocking, predicting a long time for resolution, a suitable but relatively calm time window is emerging for the presentation of the book/proposal/project. Download the initial text of the project freely. Only the first 50 pages are important. I wrote it between the end of  2019 and 2020. Do not expect anything literary. I wrote it instinctively, correcting only the main grammatical and syntactical errors. The content, what counts, remained genuine and spontaneous. My natural use of adverbs of manner helps, as you may have noticed.
The first chapter explains its inspiration. 
The second chapter, the most important, contains the fundamentals of the project: Objectives, Rights, Duties and the ESADECALOGUE, which summarises its dogmas, paradigms and directives. 
The third chapter briefly mentions the setting phase of the transformation (morphing phase). It outlines and justifies the time required to complete the plan for each territory; a long time is expected. This first book introduces the plan without being exhaustive. As indicated in the third chapter, completion must focus on territorial and sectoral areas and their permutations. Therefore, experts from each region are welcome. The global scope of the project requires extensive sectoral interventions.
The last chapter, the most substantial, explains the most instinctive and spontaneous reactions that have emerged in the previous chapters, briefly mentioning some aspects that have most provoked, stimulated and prompted clarification and elucidation. 
Read this first version slowly. Future versions will compensate for this initial simplicity. The direct addressees of the project? Our successors. We can or, more responsibly, must offer our descendants this opportunity or an alternative to guarantee them the best possible permanence on Earth. Utopian scenarios we can currently imagine, prepare and realise.
                “I had a dream, now we have a plan, so they will have a 
‘Prosperous Perennial Peaceful Planetary Permanence for Homo Felix’ (5PHF)”.
As announced, everyone can download the first book, ‘The Magnificent New World’, for free.          

©2021-2023        Leonardo T.


     Have you followed the menu to this page? Have you read the book?  You should now be acquainted with the range and the timeliness of the project. It is natural to discuss, comment and criticise a major project. But then current scenarios suggest this linearity. Considering the planetary scale, ‘Sagunto docet’ seems appropriate. So nothing has changed? Having a proposal makes a big difference. As envisaged in chapter three, it has yet to be implemented. The advancement and refinement of the project will depend on collaborative resources. To achieve the best possible result, these resources must come from all sides, in various forms.
I invite you to consider the appeal and oppotyunity to participate and contribute at every level to this realisable endeavour. This project is a good opportunity to make a serious start in addressing and trying to solve the oldest and most troubling problems that have plagued and filled libraries all over the world., and prevent their progression.
We must note that the ineluctable repetition of these adversities or calamities, interspersed with periods of relative adjustment from which to start again, has always been with us, and not only do they show no sign of leaving us, but they persist steadily.
Unfortunately, we must learn from history that these reappearances will be significant without adequate and proportionate intervention. Confine ourselves to hope that it will not happen again is not enough. The solution is a global challenge.
With such a wide coverage, its success is unthinkable without the direct participation of all its territorial resources and cultural representatives. Who is directly involved? 
                      YOU !  WE ALL!
The expansion and growth of the project, hence its fate, now also depends on the involvement of you all. Is this reflection consciously shared? Will this proposal remain unrealised? 
I look forward to seeing all these answers in the results on the following four pages



    A very ambitious project. If you want to aggregate the world into a single, complex operation, it has to be of this magnitude.
A ‘single’ operation that must be well planned and coordinated.
‘Complex’ because it must incorporate all social-economic factors and treat everyone the same way.
Complex because the change affects many interconnected realities.
The third chapter of the first book prefigures the long and appropriate path needed.
To execute a plan requires human resources. Starting with the accepted indications of the territory, the plan must execute the necessary transformations on all territories in a coordinated manner (bottom-up).
Only global strategies have an effect everywhere (see Chapter 2).
Peaceful, prosperous and permanent global coexistence requires only this constraint. Equal for all, adopt these directives. However, specific territorial versions must be proposed. Versions that respect both general rules and local customs. Impossible? Difficult? Perhaps, but, like anything, feasible! The overall commitment is great, and must be tackled without hesitation in order to re-establish the planet in the 5P perspective. The Top-Down option might be the easiest and quickest.
However, it would not guarantee the long lifetime stability of the planet.
The project aims to use its brave solution.
As far as I know, it is the first attempt, so I called it “daring”. Like all innovations, it challenges the unknown future and will certainly be tricky.
Like any challenge, the important thing is the result.
The difficulty of the path should strengthen the goals, not weaken them. Their occurrence will determine where and how to invest more time, energy and resources. Projects need resources. Human resources will always predominate.
I am referring to collaborators, people from every country are excited to contribute with their skills and experience of all kinds and levels.
Everyone who wants to share their skills and availability will always have room and position in the project.
Any field, doctrine or human knowledge, from beginner to expert.
In the initial phase, as funds are not available, only volunteer work is possible.
After choosing and activating the right legal structure, and then receiving and managing financial resources and donations, the performance can be compensated.
A straightforward pyramid organisational structure is all we need for at the moment.
It must cover the entire planet, from the territories to the top coordination core.
Online operations are predominant.
Once the structure is complete, basic tasks will be distributed.
Due to the number and layout of collaborations, work will initially proceed slowly because of the need for various coordination standar.
It will be a complicated cog to be set up and run in so that it can support all the workloads foreseen for the transformation phase (Chapter Three).
Depending on the dimension and deployment of the project, it may take years to fully achieve the objectives of synchronisation and break-in.
Privacy is imperative; only and always nicknames.
Teams are structured from the bottom up by territories and sectors.
Those at the bottom will do the actual work, while those at the higher levels will coordinate and represent it at the next level.
Will these collaborations be sufficient? I am completely convinced.
Researching and trying always deserves recognition, regardless of the result.
Only our descendants can judge responsibly; but not only the collaborators or supporters will be, even the detractors of this initiative will be judged.
Let us continue with the uncertain fate and firm determination of pioneers.
The more of us there are, the easier it will be to overcome this global challenge. It is up to you, oh better, to us. 
 Given the delicacy of the partnership, at the beginning I prefer to accept as collaborators only people I know personally. This will take time, but will help later on to avoid misleading or ambiguous situations. Anyone interested in meeting to start a partnership of any kind can request an appointment by sending an e-mail to In any case, the first meetings will take place in Salò, on Lake Garda, at the Agorà pub, where I have my coffee every morning at 9 a.m. It is also an excellent opportunity to converse with anyone who is curious or interested in the innovative potential that the project triggers, in which case no appointment is required.
 The wide range of popular organisational structures will be activated, deployed and utilised once the first basic structure is established.


Are you afraid to actively participate in the completion of the project?
Do you not consider yourself competent enough? Or do you not have or cannot devote a few hours per month to this project? it’s not a big deal.
What really counts is your consideration. It is only you who will evaluate you. If it is not today, it will be in some time. Here you will always have the chance to prove, especially to yourself, who you really are; you just have to want it and decide.
 In the meantime, you can be part of the project as a supporter, no particular demanding participation in the project is required; it is enough to know that more and more people are sharing the goals of the initiative.
Your registration as a supporter is all that is needed to mobilise your invaluable endorsement.



    Given the scope and importance of the project, I believe that the best choice of the legal nature that will support the advancement and development of the project is among those that are most acceptable and agreeable; so as to express and represent the highest of suitable offers from around the world.
This intention also includes the operational structure.
The final recipient of the project is the entire planet, so it is extremely coherent to count on the involving participation, from the very beginning, of its diverse and distributed realities.
It is also an opportunity to start gathering real opinions and positions from the territories through the collection of proposals that include these solutions.
The choice of the most suitable proposal, or possibly of a mix of them, will be a characteristic step that will determine the start and orientation of the setting in motion of all the development phases.
If there are several solution proposals, and more and more consortia between them, the evaluative choice will be conditioned by the results of various appropriate surveys, both among the readers but especially among supporters and collaborators.
The ultimate goal is to get the best that can emerge from the territories.
I have used the term territories and not nations or states, because it represents a first standard that best characterises the most complete neutrality with which the project intends to approach, not confront, the various current geopolitical realities.
Therefore, organisations, public or private structures are also formally invited to send proposals that in various forms envisage solutions relating to structural arrangements: legal, operational and headquarters.
The certified mailbox is dedicated to receiving these types of proposals.



     It is quite clear, to most of you, that the scope, complexity and duration of the project will entail the use and deployment of significant amounts of resources, as already mentioned mainly human, but financial/economic resources will also be needed.
The availability of funds, grants, donations will be increasingly crucial for the development of the project.
As everyone can guess, this is a very delicate administrative area, which must be approached and then managed with due caution, especially in our case.
Since the entire planet is involved, particular care must be taken, both in the choice of legal form and in the approach to the collection and, above all, in the administration of the funds themselves.
Complete public transparency of all individual transactions is already envisaged as an inescapable prerogative.
Until the legal nature is chosen, defined and made operational, as mentioned on the previous page, grant collection, of whatever type and form, WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED.
Only when they are authorised and permitted, and only on this page, will they be operationally accepted, with all the necessary modalities.
Henceforth, be wary of any other source of solicitation for this project; classify it as an attempt at fraud.


About Us

     On this page you can browse all articles published, or reported as such, in any part of the planet that we have com topic this project.
It starts with newspapers, then, if the conditions are right, it will extend to all types of publications.
To include them, there is a prior permission which you can request at

Coming Soon

  These planned services, which will only be available to members, are currently being developed:







Their activation and management is directly conditioned by the availability of suitable collaborators.

The project concerns the entire planet; it is natural and morally obligatory that it be developed, from the earliest stages, through the widest participation of its willing representatives.

Coordinated activities with the various collaborators will be dealt with on another dedicated site.


A proposal to achieve and mantain a

Prosperous Perennial Pacific Planetary Permanence

Why and how we have to tranforn it

©2021 Leonardo T.       

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